The National Association of Professional Bureaucrats 
                       "When in doubt, mumble!"                    


Bureaucrat of the Year

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please!!! We are now taking nominations for...

   2016 NATA ProBu of the Year!!!  

Many great honors will be bestowed upon the 2016 NATA ProBu, such as:

  • A "NATA ProBu of the Year" plaque
  • Possibly a duck wrapped in red tape
  • Maybe even a copy of "When in Doubt Mumble!"
Ready to nominate?  There's how -->

  1. Be anybody but a robot
  2. Nominate any bureaucrat near and dear to your heart, just not an elected official
  3. Tell us why your ProBu should be ProBu of the year
  4. Beat the nomination deadline of Sept. 30, 2016
  5. Email items 2 and 3 above to:
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